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Corporate Responsibilities

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Sandpiper Hotel operates in a sustainable, ethical and responsible ways. The hotel tries to add positively to the welfare of the society, employees and the whole community.

We do this in a number of ways, including:

- Providing and supporting a diverse workplace culture to help the local community.

- Reducing the hotel’s impact on the environment by managing well waste, emissions, energy and conservation.

- Providing a safe and a conducive environment for the hotel staff to operate.

- Employing ethical and moral business practices that reflect the values of the hotel.

- Cleaning rooms and linens with eco-friendly cleaning products.

- Making ceramic mugs available to reduce the use of paper cups.

- Providing luxury and eco-friendly bath amenities.

- Using LED lights to decrease energy consumption.

- Implementing a recycling program for cups, clothes hanger and batteries.

- Employing low flow toilets, showers and faucets to lessen the water consumption.

- Minimizing the use of paper.

At Sandpiper Hotel, we believe in saving the environment for the coming generation. We do this by implementing consistent and systematic practices and at the same time provide a secure working environment for the employees. The guests are also provided with a memorable stay.

We welcome any comments or suggestions that can help us continue to improve our environmental practices. Please contact us at marketing@sandpiperhotels.com

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